i want justins dick wbu???????????????

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July 21: Justin does some shopping at the Beverly Center and as he leaves, he sees two ladies walking down the street who he calls out to. They stop walking and then they get into his chauffeured 2015 Cadillac Escalade. [HQs]

wtf um is  he always horny or something i mean idgi
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wheres this from
RT if u the ugly friend

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Anonymous said: so i am trying to cheat on the kim k app, and i have every step down besides when i have to unzip the file from my desktop. i am using mac, and whenever i attempt to unzip the file, it just shows it blank, like i can't do anything or it says that it's unable to zip. please help, i've tried everything (i think) but it's just not working


ok when you first open up winzip it will look like this. click on “use evaluation version”


then it takes you to this. click on “open zip file from my Mac” and choose the cheat that you downloaded (it should be titled “-GameSve- (Kim Kardashian Hollywood)”

then you’ll see this. at the top of the page it’ll say “unzip to” click the square with the zipper

and then unzip to your desktop

you should have 2 folders like this by the end

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